6 Sisters


Isabel(16)^^^ (best picture I had but it fits because she’s in her natural habitat eating a gluten free veggie burger)

The health nut: Isabel has always been the sick one in our family. She has a type of autoimmune disease along with a gluten sensitivity so she gets sick easily and has to watch what she eats. Isabel is my best friend. We grew up doing everything together. She is on the reserved side but has a really funny sense of humor. Even after knowing her her whole life, she still makes  crazy statements that I would not expect her to say. It is impossible to rush Isabel and she takes her time with everything she does (and I mean a LONG time.)

Likes: Coffee, her Havanese Casper, all natural peanut butter, veggie sandwiches, running, Whole Foods, youtube vloggers, and quite time without younger siblings.

Dislikes: Meat, being rushed in any form, and cold temperatures.



The athlete: Olivia is really athletic. She does gymnastics and dance. Her back muscles make me jealous and she can do at least 20 pull ups. She is also crazy smart and always makes good grades. Olivia is really nice person. She likes to talk and can easily make friends.

Likes: Gymnastics, dance, the color blue, school, baking, and showing off.

Dislikes: Housework and being quiet.


Abbie(8)^^^ ( she has a bruise on her head from trying to do some type of jump)

The perfectionist/diva: All my sisters are divas but Abbie is the queen of divas. She is always dancing and singing and being very dramatic. She is competitive and always has to win.  When she runs with Isabel and I she does not like it if I speed up at the end and beat her even though I’m 11 years older! She is really fast and her last timed mile was a few seconds over 6 minutes. Abbie gets really upset when she makes a 98 instead of a 100 on anything. She is the most outgoing out of all of us and loves to talk. Her nickname is “gabby.”

Likes: Chips, winning, dance, singing, running, good grades, and talking.

Dislikes: Losing, anything less than 100%, and criticism.



The chill one: Victoria is a lot like Isabel in the fact that she is slow moving – which isn’t normal for most 6 year olds. She doesn’t like to be around a lot of loud kids so my mom has to send earplugs with her to school. She’s on the quiet side and won’t say much to you unless she knows you. Victoria is extremely witty and sarcastic. Her comebacks are a million times better than mine. She also loves coffee and gets very upset if we tell her she can’t have any.

Likes: Fast food, playing on other peoples phones, coffee, animals, Netflix, and hanging out with Isabel.

Dislikes: Loud people, walking long distances, school, and waking up early.




The silly one: Lilly likes to make tons of jokes. She will say something and then right after she has this evil laugh that she does. Lilly is either extremely happy or sad. There is really no in between. She likes to copy all her sisters and loves to dance. She thinks it is hilarious to mock what people say and does it all the time. She is also one of the best helpers in the family.

Likes: Pink, candy, anything funny, dolls, dance, and princess costumes.

Dislikes: Conflict, being woken up from naps, and being away from my mom.


I thought I would  do a post on all of my sisters because I know it gets confusing. Even though some of my sisters have similar personality traits, I feel like we’re all completely different at the same time. I couldn’t imagine life without all of my sisters. My favorite thing to do is dress them up and practice braids on them. We occasionally have “Diva Offs” where I turn on the song Diva by Beyonce and we see who has the best dance moves. I’ve always thought that we should have our own reality TV show like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but instead it would be “Bringing up the Benders” and we would be classier. I can’t wait to see what it will be like when we’re all adults. Having all these sisters is the best gift I have ever been given.

xo Emily


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