Barn Apartment


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If you haven’t heard my family is in the process of building a new house. With a family of 10, we’ve outgrown our old one. I am so excited that this is finally happening because we’ve had our land for what seems like forever and now we’re finally building. This is what my mom calls our “barn apartment.” We are planning on building our main house sometime down the road but we’re building this first because we are ready to get on our land  and it is cheaper and less time consuming. This has 5 bedrooms, a play loft (which is super cool,) 3 full baths, and 3 garages. I will be doing room reveals later on. I’m beyond excited to furnish/decorate my room and I have so many things I’ve picked out already.

The location is very convenient because we are in a neighborhood but it doesn’t seem like it since we are at the top of a hill with woods surrounding us. It is very peaceful up here and the view from our living room is serene. I can’t wait for Autumn so that I can wake up and look  out at all the beautiful colors in the trees while drinking my coffee : ). After we build our main house, we are thinking that this will be a great place  to stay for visits from the many, many  future grandkids my parents will have. This will be finished in less than a month and I am so grateful and ready to move in.

xo Emily


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