Beach Pictures/ First Vlog

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Last weekend my family and I went to the beach and I already miss it so much. On a couple of the days the waves were rough- which we loved because it makes for better boogie boarding. Isabel and I have this dream of going to Laguna Beach in California and learning how to surf so we kept joking around saying that this was our training. At one point a huge wave came and carried Victoria and her board right on top of me. She thought this was hilarious and kept saying that she surfed me. Our house was the perfect size for us and it was amazing waking up and being right on the beach every morning. I got pretty burnt even though I used a lot of sunscreen and am currently peeling.

Isabel and I went to amavida coffee twice and every time we go to new coffee places we like to look at the latte art. The first day you couldn’t even tell what mine was and Isabel’s looked perfect. On the second day Isabel’s looked perfect again and I went to look at mine but forgot I ordered hot chocolate so it had none.  We also went to this store she loves called Raw and Juicy that Isabel had been talking about. We came home with two giant loaves of gluten free banana bread and were both in heaven. I finally created my first vlog (below) so  please watch! The camera is a little shaky in some parts but hopefully my vlogging will get better with practice. I am going to Voodoo Fest this weekend! Woohoo!

xo Emily



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