Exploring Venice, Italy

If I’m being honest I didn’t want to go to Venice at first because I thought it would be super crowded and touristy. I figured it would be better to go during the off season when I came back to study abroad. However, a couple weeks before I left Italy I made a new friend who is actually from Memphis and she convinced me to go. I’m so glad we went because when we got there Venice seemed almost empty, except for the main areas like the Grand Canal. We stayed at the Margherita House and it was the nicest hotel I stayed in throughout my whole time in Italy.

This was such a relaxing trip. We spent a full two days here so we weren’t really in a rush to see everything. We spent these days having drinks by the Grand Canal and exploring the island. I also got a fish pedicure which I’d seen on TV before and have always wanted to do. There were tons of cool shops here so I got some last minute souvenirs (which I’d neglected to get all summer.) I kept thinking that I had all summer to get gifts but before I knew it- it was Monday in Venice and I was flying back to America on Tuesday.

It’s been 2 and a half months since I’ve been in Italy and I’m longing to go back. I think about my summer all the time. I mostly miss how there were so many beautiful things to look at in the city versus where I’m from when you drive down the road and see all these gross fast food chains. It’s really a depressing change of scenery. I’m determined to go back as soon as possible so I’m thinking I will study abroad in Torino next semester and stay through the summer. I’m crossing my fingers that everything will workout.

xo Emily


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