Farmers Market

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A couple weeks back we visited The Market at Pepper Place in Birmingham, AL. Only mom, Isabel, Abbie, Victoria, Lilly, and I went because dad was in Ohio visiting family with Collin and Olivia. Our first stop was The Red Cat cafe because my sister Isabel had been raving about their coffee and gluten free muffins. I got a GF pumpkin chocolate chip muffin there and it was the best muffin I had ever had. The coffee was really good as well. Victoria, who is 6, loves coffee and begs us to buy some for her all the time.  Instead of  handing her a full cup of coffee, we usually just end up giving her the foamy part at the bottom and she is content with that.

After that we walked around to all the vendors. The atmosphere of this place is so cool. There’s bands playing and tons of people walking around with dogs looking at all the produce and products. Everyone here seems really happy. We bought tons of produce because everything looked so good and Isabel is obsessed with all things organic. We also bought these beautiful flowers and some wooden spoons for our kitchen.

Then we visited the new Lush store in Birmingham. We are so happy they opened one closer to us because we use so many of their products. I may do a post/video later with Isabel to show some of our Lush favorites. All and all, it was a very good day.

xo Emily


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