Favorite Snacks


I am sharing some of my favorite snacks today. My family typically tries to snack on healthy foods, except we have a serious love for chocolate- as you can see. We go to places like Whole Foods or Earth Fare to get most of these items but you can also find some of them at Target and Krogers.

Let’s start with the most important thing- CHOCOLATE! Justin’s peanut butter cups are amazing! They are a better alternative to Reese’s and are organic. I honestly think they taste better too. Isabel prefers the dark chocolate ones but milk chocolate is my favorite. My mom, Isabel, and I can’t get enough of Alter Eco Salted Caramel Truffles. We always have them in our house.

Bars are a great to carry around throughout the day  and our favorites are That’s it., LARABAR,  PB & J Bar,and goodness knows. That’s it bars are really cool because the only ingredients in them are the two fruits. We also love to eat dried fruits because they keep for a while and have so much flavor. The dried blueberries in this picture are from Stoneridge Orchards but we also love the brand called Peeled.

My favorite snack is definitely the wild berry sprouted trail mix by Living Intentions. This is something you must try!!! I used to think that I didn’t like trail mix until I tried this one. There’s all types of nutritious berries in this mix and they taste so good. The golden berries inside are the best! Other good snacks are Go Raw cookies and Boom Chicka Pop popcorn. We also eat things like apples and  all natural peanut butter among various other fruits for snacks. Let me know of other good snacks I should try!

xo Emily


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