Festival with My Sisters


Shirt: Wildfox | Shorts: Levi’s | Shoes: Converse

A couple weekends ago I went home to visit my family and my hometown was having a festival. Isabel and I took the girls + Collin (who didn’t want to be in any of the pictures, but he is the one holding the funnel cake.) When we went to go buy the tickets for the rides I got to the counter and one of the women selling the tickets said, ” you have to be 18 to buy the tickets” and I said “I’m actually 19.” She looked kind of embarrassed and said she thought I was 15 or 16, then continued to state that I’ll appreciate it when I’m older. I didn’t mean for people to take my shirt literally haha. Just joking, but really this happens to me all the time. I  honestly can’t see it but I blame it on the high cheek bones or my ritualistic obsession with moisturizing.

We went on tons of rides and got to go into a mini petting zoo. The petting zoo was my favorite because Abbie and Lilly were chasing the piglets around trying to pick them up and it was hilarious to watch. Lilly was especially proud when she picked up the baby goat.  After that, we went to go see my dad play music on the stage with his friends. Then the kids ate enough food to feed an army including: pizza, ice cream, snow cones, funnel cake, alligator on a stick ( if you know my family well I bet you can guess who got that one,) and lemonade. By the time we left Isabel and I were exhausted. The first thing Isabel did when she got home is make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (typical) because she couldn’t eat most of the food at the festival due to dietary restrictions. We had a really good time though and I love coming home and seeing all of my siblings.

I am obsessed with the shirt I am wearing and it’s another Wildfox piece. Their clothing is so relatable and fun. I can’t get enough. Also, Isabel isn’t in any of these pictures because she kindly agreed to take them for me. I’m going home in a few weeks and plan on doing a post about my sisters.

xo Emily



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