The French Riviera (Menton + Nice)



Earlier this month I went to Menton, France and it is now my favorite city I’ve been to on the French Riviera. All of the views were so picturesque and  I couldn’t get over the one from the graveyard. You walk up a steep hill and are taken to a very gothic styled cemetery overlooking the city. There are massive, decadent grave stones and flowers everywhere. You can see the whole city from here.

I came here because my host family’s friends own a house in Menton. There were so many people staying with them that there wasn’t a lot of room in the house so I got to sleep on a boat in the port. I was actually thrilled about this and thought it was so cool. Menton has so many cute little shops that sell things like soap, macaroons, etc. There’s also an artificial sand beach as well as the rock ones. I’ve learned that I’m not a big fan of rock beaches because they are terrible to walk on but the water of the Mediterranean sea is so nice that it always makes up for it.

Before I went to Menton, my friend and I visited Nice (last 3 pictures.) I really enjoyed this as well and we spent the whole day on the beach drinking wine and swimming. I’m going to Venice this weekend and absolutely can’t wait.

Have a great day : )

xo Emily

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