Voodoo Festival + Vlog


At the end of October, Austin and I went to Voodoo Fest. It was a really cool experience and completely new since neither of us had ever been to a festival. We realized we should have stepped up our outfit game as soon as we got there because there were people dressed in the craziest costumes. Second to the music, people watching was probably the most fun thing to do. Austin and I had never seen anything like it.  They also had really good food and great vegan/gluten free options. I had really fun time and want to go to another one soon! I made a vlog about my experience so watch below! As you can tell from my face in the video, I’ve never stuck a GoPro out of a car window before and didn’t plan on that great of wind resistance.

xo Emily

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality above! All of these photos were taken on an iPhone.

7 Good Things


1. Gold Wallpaper

This is a piece of my wallpaper that I have been so eager to hang! I wasn’t able to hang it this weekend because there is one more thing that needs to be fixed in my room. It’s going to be on one wall to create an accent wall, while the rest are going to be plain white. I’m obsessed with it and I think it will really tie the room together. Plus, the little birds kissing are too cute.



2. Pretty Fall View

I took this picture standing at the top of my driveway at our new house. I love looking at all of the colors in the trees this time of year. Trust me, this hill is way steeper than it looks. Since it isn’t paved yet, we don’t want to risk messing up Isabel’s car so whenever I ride with her we have to walk up it. Even though we run 3 days a week, it is still a struggle to get to the top.


3. Holiday Gifts

I had holiday job training for Anthropologie last weekend and it was so much fun. I love it because you can’t say that about most job trainings. When I got there they had pastries set out for us along with hot chocolate and coffee. We went around to about 5 different stations to learn and they gave us reindeer antlers which made for really fun pictures. Everyone here is so nice and interesting to talk to. If you haven’t seen the store this season you need to go inside one. It is very festive and looks like all of my Christmas dreams come true. My favorite aspect of Anthropologie is the attention to detail that goes into every single part of the store. All the little pieces work together to make a giant masterpiece of a store. Before we left, they gave us these cute little goodie bags to take home.


4. Casper

This is Casper, Isabel’s Christmas present from 3 years ago (and the love of her life.) He usually has a lot more fur than this but was shaved recently. He is a really sweet playful dog that makes me laugh all the time. For some reason he really likes to get in the bathtub. Once, he jumped in while my littlest sisters (Victoria and Lilly) were in there. He’s a pretty good dog, except when he steals my food: gluten free banana bread, Christmas candy, Valentines Day chocolate, etc. This is what I did with the antlers I got from work. They looked better on him than they did on me and he reminded me of the small dog from The Grinch That Stole Christmas. 


5. Decorative Cups

These are the new Starbucks cups that they just came out with and I love them. They make it feel like Christmas even though  I live in Alabama and it’s barely cold enough to need a coat outside. My favorite holiday drink is the Peppermint Mocha, but usually I get  Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiatos.  I get these to give me more study motivation and my sweet grandmother just gave me a gift card- which is good because my exams are coming up :  ).


6. Grandparents

I came home from college this weekend because my grandparents were going to be in town to help get things ready for the new house. My grandpa took this picture when he took all the granddaughters out to a local coffee shop. I loved getting to see them and am sad about leaving.


7. The Gym

One of my favorite things about home is working out in my parents gym. I workout at my school but they don’t have as much equipment or space and it seems to always be so crowded. I wakeup in the mornings and go with my dad to workout. We get there around about 5, which seems crazy but it feels accomplishing to be finished with your workout before the rest of the world has even woken up. I shut my self in this room so I can listen to whatever music I want and don’t have to worry about anyone taking my equipment. I honestly didn’t listen to music while I worked out (only while I ran) until a few months ago and it makes the biggest difference.

I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks because I am incredibly busy with school/ life in general but am going to try to post more consistently because it is a hobby that makes me really happy. Our house will be finished in 2 more weeks if everything goes as planned and then I will do a room reveal. I have a couple more posts + a vlog coming this week. Happy Monday!

xo Emily

Fall Trends with Free People – #2 Off the Shoulder

img_3728 img_3732 img_3748 img_3749 img_3750 img_3761 img_3762

Top: Free People | Jeans: 7 For All Mankind

Another trend that I’m in love with for Fall is the off she shoulder top! This was a trend for summer too but has since transitioned to Fall with the long sleeves. Free People has many colors in this top but this was my favorite! I think this an essential piece to a Fall wardrobe because you can do so much with it. Today, I decided to go casual by wearing it with jeans but in the future I’m planning on dressing it up by pairing it with a skirt. Also, if you notice that my skin is discolored it’s because I’m still peeling from the beach. I’m going home in two weeks and am hoping that my wallpaper will be finished and bed will be built so I can do kind of a mini room reveal. Comment below and tell me if you like off the shoulder tops and what other Fall trends you’ve noticed!

xo Emily

Beach Pictures/ First Vlog

beach-1beach-11 beach-2 beach-9 beach-10 beach-7 beach-6 beach-3 beach-4 beach-5beach-8

Last weekend my family and I went to the beach and I already miss it so much. On a couple of the days the waves were rough- which we loved because it makes for better boogie boarding. Isabel and I have this dream of going to Laguna Beach in California and learning how to surf so we kept joking around saying that this was our training. At one point a huge wave came and carried Victoria and her board right on top of me. She thought this was hilarious and kept saying that she surfed me. Our house was the perfect size for us and it was amazing waking up and being right on the beach every morning. I got pretty burnt even though I used a lot of sunscreen and am currently peeling.

Isabel and I went to amavida coffee twice and every time we go to new coffee places we like to look at the latte art. The first day you couldn’t even tell what mine was and Isabel’s looked perfect. On the second day Isabel’s looked perfect again and I went to look at mine but forgot I ordered hot chocolate so it had none.  We also went to this store she loves called Raw and Juicy that Isabel had been talking about. We came home with two giant loaves of gluten free banana bread and were both in heaven. I finally created my first vlog (below) so  please watch! The camera is a little shaky in some parts but hopefully my vlogging will get better with practice. I am going to Voodoo Fest this weekend! Woohoo!

xo Emily