Barn Apartment


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If you haven’t heard my family is in the process of building a new house. With a family of 10, we’ve outgrown our old one. I am so excited that this is finally happening because we’ve had our land for what seems like forever and now we’re finally building. This is what my mom calls our “barn apartment.” We are planning on building our main house sometime down the road but we’re building this first because we are ready to get on our land  and it is cheaper and less time consuming. This has 5 bedrooms, a play loft (which is super cool,) 3 full baths, and 3 garages. I will be doing room reveals later on. I’m beyond excited to furnish/decorate my room and I have so many things I’ve picked out already.

The location is very convenient because we are in a neighborhood but it doesn’t seem like it since we are at the top of a hill with woods surrounding us. It is very peaceful up here and the view from our living room is serene. I can’t wait for Autumn so that I can wake up and look  out at all the beautiful colors in the trees while drinking my coffee : ). After we build our main house, we are thinking that this will be a great place  to stay for visits from the many, many  future grandkids my parents will have. This will be finished in less than a month and I am so grateful and ready to move in.

xo Emily

Farmers Market

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A couple weeks back we visited The Market at Pepper Place in Birmingham, AL. Only mom, Isabel, Abbie, Victoria, Lilly, and I went because dad was in Ohio visiting family with Collin and Olivia. Our first stop was The Red Cat cafe because my sister Isabel had been raving about their coffee and gluten free muffins. I got a GF pumpkin chocolate chip muffin there and it was the best muffin I had ever had. The coffee was really good as well. Victoria, who is 6, loves coffee and begs us to buy some for her all the time.  Instead of  handing her a full cup of coffee, we usually just end up giving her the foamy part at the bottom and she is content with that.

After that we walked around to all the vendors. The atmosphere of this place is so cool. There’s bands playing and tons of people walking around with dogs looking at all the produce and products. Everyone here seems really happy. We bought tons of produce because everything looked so good and Isabel is obsessed with all things organic. We also bought these beautiful flowers and some wooden spoons for our kitchen.

Then we visited the new Lush store in Birmingham. We are so happy they opened one closer to us because we use so many of their products. I may do a post/video later with Isabel to show some of our Lush favorites. All and all, it was a very good day.

xo Emily


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Romper: Zimmerman | Handbag: Burberry

My 19th birthday surpassed my expectations in every way. Five of my siblings were gone (Collin, Olivia, Abbie, and Victoria were at camp while Clint was at a music festival) so it was more peaceful then usual.  Isabel and I were happy because it meant more cake to ourselves haha. I wore this adorable romper by Zimmerman. Zimmerman is one of my favorite designer brands and the detail put into this piece is amazing. I love the ruffles on the sleeves and the romantic feminine print. It fit flawlessly and is surprisingly slimming. It is definitely a new favorite in my wardrobe.

I started off the day by running with Isabel. We usually run three times a week and have been trying to work up our distance all summer. My family and I went to a gluten free bakery (since I am now gluten free) for my birthday lunch at Mason Dixon Bakery in Huntsville, AL. The food is great and their iced coffee is to die for. Then we went to Big Spring Park to walk around and feed the ducks-which is one of my favorite things to do. It cracks me up when they all fight over the food we throw them and every time we go there we always see baby ducklings. I love to follow them around and watch them. I have to stop myself from picking them up and taking them with me because they are just too cute!  After that my mom surprised me with an aroma therapy massage which I really loved and then I went with my mom and sisters to get my nails done.

I finished out the day by eating gluten free herb mediterranean pizza (my favorite!!!!!)  from Papa Murphy’s, along with the gluten free cake I got from Mason Dixon Bakery. Then I opened a few presents and watched a movie with my family and boyfriend. Needless to say it was a very relaxing, special day.

xo Emily

birthday cake