Voodoo Festival + Vlog


At the end of October, Austin and I went to Voodoo Fest. It was a really cool experience and completely new since neither of us had ever been to a festival. We realized we should have stepped up our outfit game as soon as we got there because there were people dressed in the craziest costumes. Second to the music, people watching was probably the most fun thing to do. Austin and I had never seen anything like it.  They also had really good food and great vegan/gluten free options. I had really fun time and want to go to another one soon! I made a vlog about my experience so watch below! As you can tell from my face in the video, I’ve never stuck a GoPro out of a car window before and didn’t plan on that great of wind resistance.

xo Emily

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality above! All of these photos were taken on an iPhone.


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